Friday, October 31, 2008

Open letter

Dear Friend,

Today, I will call you "Halloweenie."


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Important announcement

I would like to officially declare my candidacy for BL of the Month: December.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Commas help clarify.

Earlier, I exclaimed, "Trickle down, my ass!" And then I thought about the importance of punctuation. I could have said, "Trickle down my ass!"

Spend fifteen minutes thinking about how that comma changed a statement from "stuff oozing into my crack" into a statement about "silly economics."

Or the other way around.

You get it.

Text-to-life connection

OMGoodness. Raff. Our book contains a graphic novel about a MAGIC PENCIL. Ok, ok, it briefly mentions the magic pencil, and I wasn't a fan of the section, but still.

You love the giant (magic, probably) pencil, and the book talks about a magic (giant, probably) pencil.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Book

Today I went and searched the Bellingham Public Library for our new book. They don't have it yet (sadness). What they do have is a great collection of books available for those who search for titles that begin with 'Best American'. Here are some of them;

*Best new American Voices 2009
*Hana-Kimi: for you in full blossom
*Best American Gay Fiction
*The baby boomer's song book: 65 hit songs!
*The best American erotic poems : from 1800 to the present
*Don't fill up on the antipasto: Tony Danza's father-son cookbook : with memories of an Italian-American family and 50 of their best recipes
*The Best American crime reporting 2008
* Car Talk. Field Guide to the North American wacko!
* The Best of American Dream Homes (Kris, is your new home in here?)

Okay, as I kept scrolling down to find titles to add on here, I saw the book but they only have it in Lynden or Deming and neither of them are in ... damn Gina.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Giant Pencil

Hurrah for the BL Blog!!! And hurrah for Giant Pencils! Last week in the middle of my class I pulled out the GIANT PENCIL for taking notes! It was quite hilarious, and the professor warned me that "Just because I have a bigger pencil, it won't make me smarter" Whataver. I got one of the highest scores on our exam.

I am also taking a Greek Mythology class which is awesome. Did you guys know that Aphrodite was born not only from Zeus, but also from the genitals of Uranus after he was castrated and they were thrown into the ocean. Pretty useful information, and I think Greek mythology should definitely be considered for our book club.

And in other also importante news, Lawrence and I are purchasing a home. We close Nov. 21st. So I think a BL partay in Ferndale is definitely in store if you guys are up for it!

K-10 Riff-Raff

Thursday, October 23, 2008

BL of the Month!

Oh my land. I just noticed the BL of the month! I am so honored. Here is my speech:

"Holy mother of literacy and cobwebs! I am shocked, SHOCKED, to be earning this award. I want to thank God and Harry Potter and Don and the people who invented alcohol and words. Oh my, oh my, I want to eat a pie.

Thank you!"

More camping plans.

June is not pumpkin season. You know why this is a problem?

Because we NEED a chug-0-lantern.

E-Bot's facial expression shows agreement.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Now If They Only Made Pepper

I am in the land of despairity ... the land of no internet at home. Paradise City has not not had internet (yes I just used a double negative) for over two years. Too bad I'm a teacher that works on weekends and Comcast's stupid schedule of either 8-12 or 12-4 monday through saturday does not work for me. Boo you Comcast.

My HLP whom happens to be residing in Califorina right now sent me this wonderful like to this wonderful product Bacon Salt! Not only is this the best thing to happen to me in quite some time, I now have a favorite blog, sorry Nicole, Kelly, Lynn, Lindsey, and all of those other blog-tastic blogs, you have been beaten by BACON!

I was going to blog about my wonderful free interenet experience at Woods and all of the memories it has sparked in my brain, but instead I got utterly facinated with another great form of one of my favorite foods, bacon.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Better Campers '09

Leaf Peepers,

I am planning the camping trip. Already. So people can adjust their schedules for it. Sentence fragments, holla.

How does the last week of June sound?
How does a group site sound?
How does Eastern Washington (for camping, not living) sound?

Look how political I am! I asked you questions like you have input, but really, that's probably how the camping trip is going roll. Three or four nights near the end of June on the east side.

Look forward to swimming in deep water, finding new lunch meats in Jodi's hair, and roasty toasty 'mallows. Oh, and talking about books.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yay BL Blog

I took up E-thomps' suggestion on reading banned books from that list she posted. I read A Day No Pigs Would Die, which was good, but sad because I had no BL's to discuss the book with. Sad. Go read it and tell me what you think, seriously it costs like $5 and took one day to read, plus as an added bonus, you will read all kinds of fun mid-western idioms like:

- Cleaner than a cat's tongue
- Eviler than sin on a Sunday morning
- More confusing than a pig in a poke

Lots more, I promise, I didn't even write down the funniest ones.

Monday, October 13, 2008

My Choice Healthy Snack

Lynn beat me too it, a blog about food. I bet she beat me to it because her arms are waaaaay longer than mine.

I know I have a bit of a sweat problem in this picture, but look at one-eyed Lynn, thats besides the fact though.

It is true that teachers learn from their students. I will openly admit that today, I learned something from one of my students and it was this; how irresitably delicious and healthy these are. They are the perfect after school snack for me as I relax after school and need something to hold me over until after my strenuous work-out and I can make myself something a tad bit more delish and of more substance or value. They are a wonderful replacement for my previous addiction to Powerthirst.

I'm hungry

Does anybody else absolutely love all the food scenes that seem to be so prevalent in young adult/children's lit books? They totally made me want to eat things that I would never have actually eaten, because I was a picky, picky child.

Books with the best "food porn" moments:
- Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder, or really, any book she wrote
- A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett (even better than the food porn, is the clothes porn in this one)

Also, everyone needs to read all of these books, especially A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Phenom.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Anderson, Katie, and Sarah

I have recently fallen in love with Anderson Cooper . Talk about sexy older man, how I would love to brush my hand through his sliver hair that sits attop his intellegent brain...

Anyhow, it was love at first sight when I saw Andy on funny lady Kathy Griffin's show 'My Life on the D List'. If you aren't in love with him yet now you will be . But really, I am more in love with Andy Coops after watching his coverage on the debates and the upcoming election. I especially love him for airing a highlight section on his show about Sarah Palin in which I found out about this. Make sure you have the volume up on your computer folks, its classy and I laughed my ass off.

Booyah I am the first one to swear on the BL blog.

Post #2 (chronologically), Post #1 (in quality)

"Kelly, what else do we need to complete these fish tacos?" my roommate Scotty Too Hotty asked me.

"Corona," I responded, matter-of-factly. [How the h is "factly" a word?]

"Yeah!" he squealed.

So I put on jeans (I was wearing only a tube top. The rest of me was naked) (psych, I was working work pants) and my Better Lovers hoodie.

This is where it gets good.

"Oh, Heavens!" I gasped to myself. "I live near my students now. Will they see me and read our clever slogan and spread rumors about their Humanities teacher's sluttiness?" What a conundrum. What a motherfucking, fatherblowing conundrum.

I decided to wear it anyway, and I saw a student, but he didn't see me.

The end.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We have a blog.

So, Better Lovers, we have a blog.

Blog away.

Do your part to spread the message of love and literacy across this nation.

I, for one, have already started Better Lovers- Santa Barbara. We are reading Competitive Environmental Strategy by Andrew J. Hoffman.