Monday, July 27, 2009

The Great Outdoors

Sexy Readers, hold onto your hats, it's time for the 2nd Annual Better Lovers' Camping Extavaganza!

Occurring during the second weekend in September (18th - 20th), it will be a grand old time of books and beer, nature and naps, marshmallows and memories, carousing and cheer, fires and falafels and Ludacris and lions. (One of these pairs might not be true.)

We have not yet decided where this camping trip is going to occur, so I outlined so
me choices, with pros, cons, and helpful photographs. Make a case for your favorite in the comments.

- Semi-close to Bellingham
- Lake AND the ocean accessible
- Free geology lecture, by me
- Most of us have probably been there several times
- Nicole looks like this when she camps at Deception Pass

- Near Leavenworth, aka near Bavarian fun and wine tasting
- On a lake, so that means we could possibly end up On a Boat, with T-
- The A&E network named Leavenworth the #1 Holiday Town in America
- 3-ish hours from Bellingham
- Holiday themed towns might 'creep out' Jodi

- There is a river that you can throw rocks in. It's really fun.
- There is a crick to chill your beer, for Crick Beer.
- It's a National Park
- Small campground.
- Close to the highway.
- Bethany Jean has trouble sitting in the camping chair.

Site 4: Larabee
- Close to Bellingham for easy commuting
- Fellow campers are easily intimidated into leaving by Wizard Staffs.
- Tide pools
- Kelly may fall into the muck again, that was pretty hilarious.
- Been there, done that
- Courtney is really, really scared of the Sheriff

- Bethany Jean will be there, saving the wildlife
- Possible whale sightings.
- Ghetto Pig has an irrational fear of islands
- Limited camping sites

Site 6: Forks
- Site of the greatest work in the history of Literature.
- Interesting local wildlife (spotted owls, werewolves, vampires, salmon)
- Possibility of finding True, Eternal, Undying Love
- Kind of far away
- Twilight fans

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

BL of the Month

Also, someone choose the next BL of the Month!  I would, but I'm on my work computadora and I don't have any good pictures here to post.



Who wants to plan a camping trip on a weekend in late August or September?

Thank you.