Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Years Goals

Only 5 posts this year, ladies?

That is a sad, sad, sad showing.

I blame Jodi.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Best Book Club Charades of All Time

At our last BL meeting, we ended then night with a game of charades. Here is a list of the things we charaded:**

  • "Ricky Martin Van Buren in a stocking"
  • "Lance Bass"
  • "Jodi's students"
  • "Centaur eats pizza"
  • "Mrs. Weasley"
  • "Ren wants a baby"
  • "Ren and Stimpy"
  • "Mrs. Norris petrified by basilisk"
  • "Erin looking for the campsite"
  • "Lindsay slow dancing with her birthday twin"
  • "Abraham Lincoln"
  • "Gingerbread cookie missing its head"
  • "Jim Henson"
  • "Frosty melts his face off"
  • "Tiger clock from Drew's mom"
  • "Dreaming of Harry Potter"
  • "Hagrid"
  • "Denzel Washington"
  • "Drew made a Harper ornament"
  • "Courtney getting hot dogs thrown at her"
  • "Flanhoodles"
  • "Abe snuggling with Lindsay"
  • "Fatima getting back together w/ West"
  • "Fascreama"
  • "Chocolate wine"
  • "Courtney come back"
  • "Abe bringing a live mouse into the house"
  • "Choking on a chicken nugget"
  • "A Yoni face"
  • "A one night stand with Jodi"
  • "You're making a bad decision"
  • "Us playing Charades"
  • "Courtney kicking out a window"
  • "Sputnik"
  • "Lorena Bobbit"
  • "HP land"
  • "Harper Lee on valium when Kelly leaves"
  • "Luce (the ghost)"
  • "Erin as Jared"
  • "Sweaty Jodi"
  • "Baby Jesus"
  • "Draco Malfoy"
  • "Nimbus 2000"
  • "Ren's snake Cleopatra"
  • "Rudolph the mauve-nosed reindeer" (acted out as "Rudolph the mare-nosed reindeer" due to handwriting issues)
  • "The Holiday Armadillo"
  • "Lynn and Cornhouse chasing the prodigy in shopping cart"
  • "Obama singing Poker Face"
  • "Lynn at Lake Taco"
  • "Jodi before a date"
  • "Kevin (Home Alone)"
  • "Mundungus Fletcher"
  • "Steven running a 5k"
  • "Ren and Brian getting back together after a few hours"
  • "Christmas tree"
  • "Gloria (the baby)"
  • "Kelly lectures Trouble Tall"
  • "Lindsay scaring Abe with a pillow"
  • "Erin acting like Lance"
  • "Jodi's student saying 'Five Golden Rings'"
  • "Did you know his name is Swoopy?"
  • "Don't eat that candy cane, it's like 10 years old"
  • "Sasquatch finds a mouse"
  • "Percy Weasley"
  • "Drew proposing to Kelly"
  • "Hamster in a hamster ball"
  • "Jack (the dog or the boyfriend)"
  • "Grandma got run over by a reindeer"

** This author omitted certain charades phrases that were inappropriate, incriminating, or humiliating to any member of the book club

Also, the new book was chosen. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Get reading, BLs!