Monday, October 12, 2009

Because we are awesome

Better Lovers,
While we bask in the joy of electing one of our nearest and dearest to victory in the hotly contested race to be the BEST BARTENDER IN ALL OF BELLINGHAM, perhaps we should think about purchasing the next book we are to read.

Stiff, by Mary Roach

If you can't find it at your friendly local bookseller, or simply only have the time for internet ordering, may I suggest you purchase it from Better World Books?

Not only is it NOT a corporate mega giant, there is free shipping everywhere in the US, you can offset the carbon emissions of shipping for 25 cents, and a portion of their profits goes to world literacy programs.


Thursday, October 8, 2009


We made DON BUTLER the BEST Bartender in B-Ham!

Best of Bellingham

Readers rate their favorite haunts, hideouts and hungers

Best Bartender: Don Butler at the Beaver Inn

I dunno. I always find Don a bit gruff, but maybe that’s what readers like in their bartenders, especially during these hard times: Mix ‘em mean, pour ‘em plenty, and leave us to knock ‘em back without a lot of chit-chat. I’ve seen Don expertly mix a few girlish frou-frous, too, then step back and study how they’re consumed with an expression most droll.