Friday, June 3, 2011

WWoHPBP Quote Wall

Kelly: "I'm sick."
Eschu: "You LOOK not good."

EThomps, at airport: "Half of us here are Erins."

Loudspeaker at LAX: "Voldemort Kalowsky, please come to gate N6. Voldemort Kalowsky."

EThomps: "Yeah, I can see loving it for the first year. Maybe two."
NKR: "Loving what?"
EThomps: "A child."

ESchu: "This laser is amazing! It can reach to the stars! It goes two miles."

Joan: "Wow, it's so weird driving with water on both sides!"
Lydia: "You mean.... like a bridge?"

ESchu: "I can't tell who's who when you all wear that shirt."

Lynn: "I dare you to lick Kelly's stomach."

Jodi: "It would be just like a touch tank."

Lynn: "Snape would be a tender lover."

Jodi: "There are lots of men with penises out there."

Courtney: "So... EThomps isn't here?" (2 hours after leaving EThomps at the condo)

Jodi: "Are dolphins more likely to be taken advantage of on land?"

Lynn: "Why are all those people pointing at us?"
Jodi: "OH MY GOD, are they pointing a gun at me?"

Kelly, after Michelle asked for us all to be quiet: "What if it's your bachelorette party and you just want to act like a manatee for a minute?"

Nicole: "Leave it ball."

Jodi: "That's what happens when you go back to online school to get your second BA." (regarding her expanded vocabulary.)

Jodi: "T-Rexes make good parents."

Renrir: "Oh, there's my friends! WE MADE IT!!!" (shouted through a closed window to a man who she had spoken with briefly 2 hours ago and clearly did not remember her)

(In a game of Date, Do, or Dump.....) "Okay, Jodi's ex-boyfriends. 1) Bangs Only; 2) One tooth...."
Jodi: "Those were the same person!"

Justin: "We hired a blind man to measure our windows."
Nicole: "Why.... why specifically a blind man? Do they have heightened measuring senses?"
Justin: "No, a blinds man."

Lynn: "The bigger the boobs, the bigger the litterer."
Jodi: "What?? No, the bigger the boobs, the bigger - the better - the everything!"

Geocaching song: "I'm just a normal girl."

Courtney, creepily to Eschu: "Massage parlour?"

During "Bag of Nouns"
- "Nipple Noises!"
- "Cat freckles!"
- "Marijuana racing!"
- "WHO THE F*%& IS HOWARD HAMBLETON????" (said by Courtney, who remembered shortly afterwards that she had put Howard Hambleton in herself)


Way to go, Better Lovers. Readers make Better Vacationers. That was the greatest vacation ever.